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Re: [hylafax-users] MT5634ZBA-V92 with Hylafax

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Giulio Orsero a écrit :

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 14:26:32 +0100, Sam Przyswa <samp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

can't nor receive and send data call, and the incoming fax are
corrupted, see the attachment.
So , *PLEASE*, give me the right configuration (config.ttySx) to make me
able to receive faxes and data calls with the MT5634ZBA-V92

1) fax usage
If you actually cannot get faxaddmodem to see the modem, then install
by hand the file /var/spool/hylafax/config/lucent-mt-10 as you config
file (ie: /var/spool//ylafax/etc/config.ttyS0)
Then restart faxgetty and try sending and receiving faxes.

The lucent-mt-10 can not initialize modem, but I used the lucent-mt-2, just added "ModemSetupAACmd: AT+FAA=1" for adaptive answer and it's work now !

2) data call usage
To make data calls work you have to config HylaFAX for it, it usually
won't work out of the box because it really depends on the data getty
you are using. I assume mgetty?


So first you need to set up auto answer, usually with
ModemSetupAACmd: AT+FAA=1
then you need to setup HylaFAx for mgetty, usually with
GettyArgs: "-b -r -s %s %l"

I already use these arguments

then you need to set up mgetty.config file, usually with
toggle-dtr no (in mgetty.config)


It may be useful to use the same serial speed, so since lucent-mt-10
uses 57600, use that too in mgetty.config
speed 57600

Then you need to hope the modem will be able to succesfully discern
between data and fax calls.

Yes it is !

Bingo, everything work fine now, thanks a lot.

But after uninstall last Hylafax Debian package and re-install my old Debian .deb I lost something because when I try to send fax with Ksendfax I got an error message:

Mar 22 19:24:43 prod1 FaxQueuer[30663]: SUBMIT JOB 17
Mar 22 19:24:46 prod1 FaxQueuer[30686]: JOB 17: CONVERT DOCUMENT: exit status 0xff00
Mar 22 19:24:46 prod1 FaxQueuer[30663]: NOTIFY: bin/notify "doneq/q17" "no_formatter" ""

Perhaps you know what is missing about the convert document and the "formatter"

Thanks again !


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