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Re: [hylafax-users] Support Hylafax Origination Address (AT+iO Number)?

* Aivils <aivils@xxxxxxxxxxx> [050408 12:23]:
> Hi All!
> 	Eicon Diva runs nice as enterprise fax server, but incoming
> mode only.
> 	To share outgoining faxes would be nice set up ISDN number
> for each outgoing fax by "AT+iO Number" command. Is this feature
> implemented? I mean creating of 10-20 virtual faxmashines. Set
> up ISDN number simplificate end-user charge. Of course i am
> not sure about my PBX billing system capability count transit
> calls from fax server to public voice network.

This isn't directly supported in HylaFAX yet, but ther is work towards
this.  Bug 600 allows jobs (and admins to allow/disallow) to contain a
"faxnumber" as well as a TSI.  It would only be a small extension to the
ModemDialCommand which would allow both a "local" number and a "remote"
number to be used when dialing.  This would be usefull for stuff like
t38modem dialing as well.


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