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Re: [hylafax-users] 2 modificy in my covers....

Disclaimer: I use latex-cover.sty, modified with my page-count hack as
described below to generate my fax cover sheets.

I'm not sure about the Date field formatting, but I did figure out how to
add one to the page-count variable in PostScript. The instructions below
assume that you are familiar with editing the latex .sty file or your
final PostScript end-product.

For context, the latex-cover.sty file provides the following definition
(which I modified) to define the "Zero Page Count" string:

 /zeroPcountStr (1) def

(This is because if there are zero pages, there's still the cover page, so
it's really one page in total.) Next we have the meat of the trick:

 /str (__________) def
 page-count (0) eq {zeroPcountStr}{page-count cvi 1 add str cvs} ifelse show

This goes in place of something like

 page-count show

To translate, you define the variable str to be a series of underscores.
Then, if page-count is zero, you output zeroPcountStr; otherwise you
convert page-count to an integer (cvi), add 1, and convert the result back
to a string (cvs) using the str variable as a buffer.

I know this is probably a bit technical, but I don't think there are any
"easy" solutions to your problems that I know short of going with
commercial software.


Andy MacNamara

> I have the covers, for my companys, but if i send a documento of 3 pages,
> i
> want, that in the cover in the field nº page put 4, because, i want
> incluid
> the cover.....
> In the field Fecha (date), i want change the format, and when a send the
> document, put dd/mm/yyyy
> Thanks....

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