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Re: [hylafax-users] sending faxes in pdf format via e-mail



Changes along these same lines were already committed to HylaFAX CVS (to become 4.2.2 someday). The configure script and the faxsetup script both check to see if libtiff's tiff2pdf exists, and if it does, then it is used instead of HylaFAX's tiff2ps -> ps2pdf conversion.

I ran into similiar troubles as you when I used a recent Slackware release. I also "fixed" the problem by using libtiff's tiff2pdf.


Giovanni Ramirez wrote:


I work with the scripts that come in version 4.2.0-1 ...I configured the /etc/FaxDispatch file to send an e-mail depending on the device:

case "$DEVICE" in ttyS0) SENDTO=garamirez@xxxxxxxxxxxx; FILETYPE=pdf;; esac

In fact the mail arrives with a pdf file, but it's corrupt..

My solution was:

- Make sure you have the tiff2pdf installed
- Also make sure you have sendmail installed and it's working properly

Edit the /var/spool/fax/bin/faxrcvd file, and add the following variable:


Now, comment the lines:

$TIFF2PS -a -O $FILE.ps $FILE > $ERRORSTO 2>&1    # fax2ps out......
$PS2PDF -g$GW\x$GL -r$RW\x$RL $FILE.ps $FILE.pdf > $ERRORSTO 2>&1

and add the following:



I'm using Mandrake 10.1 Official

I hope this work for everyone who want to send pdf files...

Giovanni Ramirez
Director Soporte Tecnico
Humanavivir E.P.S. S.A.

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