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Re: [hylafax-users] if your email notification does not work...

I can't seem to get the notification to send e-mail.

I have used the sh -x notify command and get all of the expected
output, both to the screen as well as in an e-mail.  So manually running
the notify script works perfectly.  When it is called from sendfax with
the following command
sendfax -n -D -d 1234567 somefile
the fax sends perfectly, but I do not get any notification.
I am running Redhat Enterprise 3 using
sendmail 8.13 and Hylafax version 4.2.1

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

1) Look at the system log (in Linux this usually is /var/log/messages)for the line(s) reporting the notification.

For sent faxes it's something like:

FaxQueuer[19442]: NOTIFY: bin/notify "doneq/q27191" "done" "1:13"
FaxQueuer[19442]: NOTIFY exit status: 0 (9601)

2) You see the above lines but you don't get email, you get broken email, or similar, do the following:

as root, go into the HylaFAX spool dir, ie:
# cd /var/spool/hylafax

then execute the command line you read above adding "sh -x" at the

# sh -x bin/notify "doneq/q27191" "done" "1:13"
# sh -x bin/notify "doneq/q27191" "done" "1:13" > /tmp/mylog 2>&1
# less /tmp/mylog

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