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Re: [hylafax-users] EOP between 2 hylafax server with Multitech 5656 modem


I still have problem to make hylafax recognise my multitech modem

Here is the output of faxaddmodem

Hmm, this looks like a Class 1 modem.
Product code (ATI0) is "MT5656ZDX".
Other information (ATI3) is "ACF3_V1.702A-V90_P21_FSH".
DTE-DCE flow control scheme [default]?
Modem manufacturer is "Unknown".
Modem model is "Unknown".

Using prototype configuration file class1...

There is no prototype configuration file for your modem, so we will
have to fill in the appropriate parameters by hand.  You will need the
manual for how to program your modem to do this task.  In case you are
uncertain of the meaning of a configuration parameter you should
consult the config(5F) manual page for an explanation.

And here is my config/rc288dpi-1 file
# CONFIG:CLASS1:28800:.*:.*: Manufacturer=ROCKWELL Model=RC288DPi
# CONFIG:CLASS1:33600:.*:.*: Manufacturer=Rockwell Model=33600
# CONFIG:CLASS1:56000:.*:.*: Manufacturer=Rockwell/Conexant Model=AC/K56
# CONFIG:CLASS1:MT5600ZDX:.*.*: Manufacturer=MultiTech Model=MT5600ZDX
# CONFIG:CLASS1:MT5656ZDX:.*.*: Manufacturer=Multitech Model=MT5656ZDX

I don't understand why hylafax said that "There is no prototype configuration file for your modem"

Is this normal?


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