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Re: [hylafax-users] FCS error

Jitse Groen wrote:

Hello all,

I know this has already been addressed several times but surely there must be a solution. When faxing *some* (by far not all) destinations we tend to get EOP or MPS errors. We got rid of a lot of these errors by faxing with the -1 and -E options

If the receiver reports MR or MMR compression support (-2 or -3) and if there is some error when using those compressions when faxing to that destination, then by avoiding MR and MMR simply is avoiding fixing or figuring out what the problem is. It's a workaround and not a fix.

Same goes for disabling ECM.

So if you are in the habit of enabling workarounds instead of real fixes then inevitably you're just going to find situations where your workarounds don't help and really only complicate or disguise the real problem. Enabling a workaround for one or two destinations is not a bad thing, but if you have to do it commonly (as you've made it sound) then something else is the matter.

, but there still remains a minority of faxes with which we get errors. This is of course very annoying for the receiving party because not only does he get 3 faxes, he is also called by our callcenter after receiving these faxes. The problem concentrates around the AT+FRH=3 command which returns CONNECT and then ERROR with these faxmachines. I know this is probably because of a compatibility issues which is a fine excuse for a programmer but doesn't quite work with our customers.

I suppose that you believe that taking this kind of tone is going to help you get help, but it's only irritating. If you read somewhere that this kind of thing is an incompatibility then please just quote it. No need to extrapolate with whether or not it is an excuse. Using words like "excuse" make it sound like the programmers-in-question have some responsibility to you that they have failed here. Please realize, though, that the responsibility is yours, and you've come here for help. Blaming programmers with excuses will not get you anywhere.

Is there *any* way Hylafax can ignore the ERROR message.

Wow. You seem very persistent about not fixing things.

HylaFAX can ignore it, if you like, but then it would just sit there and wait for another message from the modem, and then it would just be stuck forever. So the question is, what would you like it to do here instead of what it does? We transmit the post-page message and expect a response from the receiver. The response is corrupted (thus the "FCS error" interpretation of ERROR). You seem to want to guess at what the receiver sent. It could be MCF, DCN, RTN, or perhaps other things. If you guess wrong then you're going to be in the same situation that you're in already.

We will accept this will make faxing buggy

You are willing to accept buggy faxing when it's due to your own fault but not when it's due to "fine excuses" from the programmers?

, but will only apply this 'patch' on faxes we know to have this problem.

Thanks again,

May 11 19:44:04.92: [26103]: SEND send EOP (no more pages or documents)
May 11 19:44:04.92: [26103]: <-- [9:AT+FTH=3\r]
May 11 19:44:04.96: [26103]: --> [7:CONNECT]
May 11 19:44:04.96: [26103]: <-- data [3]
May 11 19:44:04.96: [26103]: <-- data [2]
May 11 19:44:06.26: [26103]: --> [2:OK]
May 11 19:44:06.26: [26103]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
May 11 19:44:06.38: [26103]: --> [7:CONNECT]
May 11 19:44:06.51: [26103]: --> [5:ERROR]
May 11 19:44:06.51: [26103]: MODEM Command error
May 11 19:44:06.51: [26103]: FCS error

If you try current HylaFAX CVS HEAD (or wait a while for 4.2.2) HylaFAX takes a slightly different approach in this situation which may solve your problem. You may want to try it. It may actually fix things for you.


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