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Re: [hylafax-users] V4.2.1 and CVS HEAD

Aidan Van Dyk wrote:

* Xavier Blanco <xavier@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [050519 12:03]:

Which are the new feature for v4.2.2

Many changes:

Or, alternatively:


Main highlights:
Much work on Class 1.0 V34/ECM

Well, actually I don't recall many protocol changes that were V.34-specific. Most of the protocol enhancements were with regards to "unexpected V.21 signal reception". Class 1.0 has an "adaptive reception" (AT+FAR=1) option that can be used on Rockwell/Conexant modems, and that's now supported. But what I discovered was that we can approximate +FAR support without actual +FAR support by handling +FCERROR and high-speed carrier detetction timeouts differently. So in general, ECM reception should work noticeably better. It was working well in 4.2.1, but 4.2.2 will be even better.

  Clients can submit TSI/FaxNumber with job (usage configurable)
  hooks for outbound fax pre-processing (FaxModify)
  MacOSX fixes (reported to work)
  Batch control

And I probably missed a few.

The CallID conversion from CIDName/CIDNumber is noteworthy as it could prove to be a gotcha for those using DynamicConfig.

Also worth noting is that a non-ECM sending bug was fixed for scan line time settings... which basically boils down to a fix for some (not all) "no response to MPS/EOP" errors.

A bug in page counting was also fixed for sent batches.


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