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[hylafax-users] about NOTIFY exit status: 0400


I try to install the Hylafax into Trustix Linux, it works, we can get incoming faxes and send out fax sucessfully  via Hylafax server, but I don't know why we can't get the notify with attachments.

I try to figure out what happened and I did set the notify as following
root@trustix /var/spool/hylafax/etc# more FaxNotify

root@trustix /var/spool/hylafax/etc# more  FaxDispatch
case "$DEVICE" in
        ttyS0)            SENDTO=bruce; FILETYPE=tif;;

I use Postfix to be our internal mail server. we can send the mail to each other.
I have set the faxmaster: root (alias) in /etc/postfix/aliases and postalias hash:/etc/postfix/aliases to update the DB.

But I still can't get notify and I saw the /var/log/messages shown as following
FaxGetty[1023]: MODEM ROCKWELL RC288DPi/V1.120.B1-K56_DLS
FaxQueuer[591]: KILL JOB 6
FaxQueuer[591]: NOTIFY: bin/notify "doneq/q6" "killed" ""
FaxQueuer[591]: NOTIFY exit status: 0400 (30968)

PS: I just want to get the nofity so that I fax it out and delete it in order to try to get the notify.
But It shows "NOTIFY exit status: 0400", I think there is something wrong, would you please help me to figure out what happened and solve it ?
It should be NOTIFY exit status: 0

I have searched in archive data and google, but I still can't figure out it.

Please adivse me, thank you in advance.

Best Regards,
Bruce Cheng

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