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[hylafax-users] Hylafax and egetty


	I have one problem. On http://wiki.ifax.com/tiki-index.php?page=Setup
+with+Vgetty+and+Distinctive+Ring I found an How-To where you can setup
hylafax with an extern getty so you can add voice compatibility to
hylafax. One part of that article says "Here the 'egetty' program
consists of vm, installed and configured as for distinctive ring calls,
and a perl script front-end included in this tar file as 'egetty.pl'". I
installed and configured vm for distinctive ring calls, I found
egetty.pl script, and, if I understood so well, made simple program to
call vm with parameters specified in config.ttySL0 file (according to
howto, it is EGettyArgs "shell /bin/egetty.pl %a %u"). Now, I have the
following problem. When I call my modem, faxgetty Locks modem
LCK..ttySL0, and call egetty, and then, in vm.log i get this:

06/01 12:51:51  opening voice modem device
06/01 12:51:51  lock not made: lock file exists (pid=16793)
06/01 12:51:56  opening voice modem device
06/01 12:51:56  lock not made: lock file exists (pid=16793)
06/01 12:52:01  opening voice modem device
06/01 12:52:01  lock not made: lock file exists (pid=16793)

After that, vm quits, and faxgetty automaticly answers as FAX. When I
delete lock file, vm starts to read configuration file, but it won't
pick up the phone. After timeout, vm quits and faxgetty answer as FAX
again. I don't know if I was so clear now, but I hope that someone will
understand my problem. VM doesn't want to pick up the phone, and to
answer as Voice Machine. :) Note: Voice Messaging Machine works perfect
with vgetty only, but, because I have Class 1 FAX Modex, I cannot use
mgetty for Fax.

Thanx :)

Branko Markovic
ICQ#: 132044291

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