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Re: [hylafax-users] FaxDispatch - routing - based on called number?


Look at 'man hylafax-config' for "SHIELDED_DTMF", and you should see a nice example of how to accomplish what you want.  The specific CID mechanism is changing for 4.2.2 (to CallID) from the way it was in 4.2.1, so in 4.2.2 the approach will be like this:

  ModemRingResponse: AT+FCLASS=8;H1
  CallIDAnswerLength: 4
  ModemAnswerCmd: <delay:100>AT+FCLASS=1;A

In 4.2.1 you should use CIDNumber instead of CallIDPattern and CIDNumberAnswerLength instead of CallIDAnswerLength, but I think that it's the same otherwise.

To watch the DID come in you'll need to have you ServerTracing set up high enough, and then you'll have to look at your server log.  Of course, the DID will get passed on to faxrcvd/FaxDispatch.



Many thanks for this, this is looking promising. Just a few questions if I may.

Will I have to modify the faxrcvd script? To include the DNIS information. Or is this passed to FaxDispatch already?

This is 4.2.1, in FaxDispatch I had something like:

case '$SENDER" in
*123*456*789*) SENDTO=me@xxxxxxxxxxxx;FILETYPE=pdf;
*987*654*321*) SENDTO=me@xxxxxxxx;filetype=pdf;;

What is the equivalent of $SENDER in this case - $CIDNUMBER ?

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