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[hylafax-users] PDF issues


I have hylafax installed and working with email and samba. my only problem is when sending emails with PDF attachments.
when receiving the fax, insted of having the PDF printed, i have a line that says:

DISCARDED application/pdf goes HERE

My hylafax version is 4.2.1, running FC1 with kernel 2.4.22-1.2199.nptl.

I've read the thread http://www.hylafax.org/archive/2005-05/msg00075.php
if i alter /etc/hylafax/hyla.conf and add the line
MIMEConverters: /usr/local/faxscripts/

and restart hylafax, hylafax stops sending faxes
and i get the following error in my email:

Your facsimile job to XXXXXXXXX was not sent because document conversion
to facsimile failed.  The output from the converter program was:\n

Check any PostScript documents for non-standard fonts and invalid constructs

---- Unsent job status ----

  Destination: 272000257
        JobID: 1
      GroupID: 1
       Sender: Bruno Santos
     Mailaddr: bvsantos@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Submitted From: hylafax.hal.min-saude.pt
   Page Width: 209 (mm)
  Page Length: 296 (mm)
   Resolution: 196 (lpi)
       Status:   (nothing available)
      Dialogs: 0 (exchanges with remote device)
        Dials: 0 (consecutive failed calls to destination)
        Calls: 0 (total phone calls placed)
        Pages: 0 (pages transmitted)
     TotPages: 0 (total pages to transmit)
     Attempts: 0 (attempts to send current page)
       Dirnum: 0 (directory of next page to send)

Any ideias ?? cheers,

Bruno Santos

Say no to Software Patents
Bruno Santos
Divisao de Informatica
Tel: +351 272 000 155
Fax: +351 272 000 257
Hospital Amato Lusitano
Tel: +351 272 000 272
Fax: +351 272 000 257

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