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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

On Jul 27, 2005, at 10:33 PM, Lee Howard wrote:

offman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

After looking over the programmers inhouse code , they are now sending multiple faxes to the same detination by delaying the jobs for 10 minutes& ensuring the send time is exactly the same, for groups of faxes.

Please double-check this by looking at the files in /var/spool/ hylafax/sendq and checking that the "tts" entry is exactly the same for all of them.

hmm seems not

fax1 tts:1122538209
fax2 tts:1122538324
fax3 tts:1122538324

that would account for it, page 1 takes a little bit longer to process.

previously the code was processing the faxes ,and calculating a 10 minute difference dased on the submittal time.
( it was possible when crossing the boundry of a minute ,that they would not ber sent in the same minute)
now they init the code with a 10 minute offset ,then enter the processing routines. so that faxes are grouped together in 10 minute batches.

However I am still seeing some odd behavior some times,

for example we send 3 faxes , to the same dest , with the same time.
the first fax is sent on its own.
but the next 2 are batched in a separate call , right after the first call.

This would either suggest that 1) the tts are not identical between the jobs, 2) that you may not actually have that scheduler fix, or 3) that the 1-second delay is not enough.

In all of the testing that I've been doing over the past several days (on a little PIII-500 w/128MB RAM) with this, one second has always been enough for 64 jobs (the maximum batch size) that are scheduled at a specific time. I'll do some more testing with this, of course, but please double-check the tts settings in the sendq files and double-check your code.

there is only 1 modem in the system, and the latest cvs patches are rolled in, upto & including lee's fix with the 1 second delay.
the system is not loaded, and is running at less than 3%, with 1gb memory

You should probably update to current CVS HEAD. There were some commits yesterday related to batching that you'll want.


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