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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

offman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

On Jul 27, 2005, at 10:33 PM, Lee Howard wrote:

Please double-check this by looking at the files in /var/spool/ hylafax/sendq and checking that the "tts" entry is exactly the same for all of them.

hmm seems not

fax1 tts:1122538209
fax2 tts:1122538324
fax3 tts:1122538324

that would account for it, page 1 takes a little bit longer to process.

It would seem, then, that the time-to-send is not being set independently, but rather is being set with a relative value again.

Also, one thing that I should make you aware of before you encounter this on your own and we have another issue over this matter... HylaFAX doesn't currently maintain batches. So just because it's batched on the first call, if it is retried (i.e. the first call results in a busy signal), HylaFAX does not attempt to keep the jobs in the same order or even at the same rescheduled time-to-send ("jitter" is added to the time-to-send on reschedules). So if a batch does not make it through on the first attempt then it will be highly unlikely [with the way that the code currently is] that on the second attempt those jobs will be batched again.

I still feel like your usage of batching is a bit misappropriated. You seem to be counting on the server-side batching mechanism to collate your pages, and that's not really what the mechanism was designed for. As I see it, this collation should really be happening on the client-side, before the job is submitted to the server for transmission.

In the case of FaxSTF, I did read the documentation on this product and it appears to me that the collation (the so-called "batching") is being done manually by the administrator/user. So it looks to me like you submit a few faxes to that product and then you manually tell FaxSTF to collate them into one call before those are transmitted. In HylaFAX terms, then, this is all being done on the client-side... even on FaxSTF. To give you a HylaFAX version of the same procedure, it would be like submitting all of the jobs and then later, before the jobs are sent, for you to use something like faxalter to give them all a common time-to-send.



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