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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

On Jul 29, 2005, at 11:56 AM, Lee Howard wrote:

offman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The other question is about redials, if we submit 4 faxes to the same destination & the same TTS , and if the first one hits a busy signal, do the other 3 also try to call the busy number , or is the software smarter than that, and puts them all for a re-try?

It is smarter than that, yes. It will reschedule them all for a later attempt. However, the rescheduled time will not likely be the same for each, so (as the code now stands) they will not likely all be batched on the next attempt.

In your previous post you stated that the jobs would be re-submitted with a 'jitter', I assume that this "jitter" occurs because it is from the "current time" and the re-schedule time is added in to that ., as aposed to the resubmittal being "TTS"+ re-schedule time.

what would be the effect of taking the old "TTS"+ the reschedule time , and using that as the resubmit fire time?
I would guess that this will put the jobs back into the re-try queue so they all fire at the same time ( if they were origionally all sent with the same TTS), that might negate the need to play about with an admin agent, or is that likely to messup other users?
we might need a bit of logic to check that the "old TTS+reschedule time" was not less that the current time, just incase it was running on a heavily loaded backlogged server, and if it was then just use the "current time"+re-schedule time.

If you wanted them all batched again then you could 'faxalter -a time' them all from an admin account to make sure they all try to go together again.

lee, I'm not looking for something that is 100%, just budget reduction, and I'm not happy with what happened at the start of this thread.
and just for the record, I am down 1 staff member as of last monday.

Well, it would seem, that I had misunderstood your batching needs previously, and yes, batching seems to be designed exactly for your purpose: to try to reduce the number of calls to the same destination whenever possible.

Before I made the fix for the race condition I had sincerely believed that jobs scheduled for the same time-to-send would get batched. Apparently I had never tested it, though, and when I did test it after the discussion with "Steve" began, I relized that indeed there was something silly going on. I'm glad that it's working at least tolerably well for you now. It's nice to know that at least some people are making good use of this feature

it's not the first time that this has happend, and it has caused problems with customers.
The new office policy is no duplicate names in the office, last one in changes their "given" name,... and no I'm not joking.


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