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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

On Jul 29, 2005, at 2:15 PM, Lee Howard wrote:

offman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

In your previous post you stated that the jobs would be re- submitted with a 'jitter', I assume that this "jitter" occurs because it is from the "current time" and the re-schedule time is added in to that ., as aposed to the resubmittal being "TTS"+ re- schedule time.

You are correct that the rescheduling occurs based on the current time... well, I think so anyway. The "now" part isn't so much the problem as is the intentional "jitter". There is actually a deliberate "jitter-time" that is random that is added to the the reschedule time. So the effect of it is that the batched jobs get "shuffled" with respect to their time-to-send. HylaFAX added this jitter for a long, long time now. The original author seems to have wanted that "jitter" there to prevent the same events from happening over time... I guess he believed that by randomizing the reschedule time that some time-related problems could be avoided.
it seems a bit 'odd', as you can totally negate it's action by setting your "TTS " to the same figure for all your faxes, and no 'jitter' is added until re-submittal.

perhaps he picked up the race condition you have added the sleep(1) for, or the hardware was too slow, but again that would not account for the fact that he allowed the faxes to be submitted with the same "TTS ", unless that function was added AFTER he handed over the code.

what would be the effect of taking the old "TTS"+ the reschedule time , and using that as the resubmit fire time?

Well, that could be done. Same with removing the jitter. It's just a behavior that has been there forever and the addition of batching to faxq didn't change that.

I would guess that this will put the jobs back into the re-try queue so they all fire at the same time ( if they were origionally all sent with the same TTS), that might negate the need to play about with an admin agent, or is that likely to messup other users?

I don't know if it would mess others up. But yes, your admin agent should be able to keep them all together
I'm not to keen on manually fiddling with the faxes, it's not a long term solution, and liable to get forgotten.

we might need a bit of logic to check that the "old TTS +reschedule time" was not less that the current time, just incase it was running on a heavily loaded backlogged server, and if it was then just use the "current time"+re-schedule time.
There really is so much new good stuff that could be done with this project, ESP. in the area of Status reporting for admins.
Damn, i've done it now!!, I'm starting to get itchy fingers for programming. ;-)

Yes, of course.


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