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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

* offman <offman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [050729 08:36]:

> Ahh!!
> i've not got that deep into the source yet, which package is that in?
> We have no special flags set , as it is a java front end , just a  
> "TTS"  but we do SET a re-try of 15 minutes.
>  Out of over 40 jobs in the last couple of hours , i have not seen  
> any "jitter" added.

When sending a job "fails" (see faxd/FaxSend.c++:317), the job retrytime
is used unless the attempted dial resulted in:
in which case the configured JobRetryTime for the device is used.

If a previous job in a batch fails (so tts for the job will be in the
"past" when faxq get's it back), faxq will use the job's retrytime,
unless it's not set, in which case it get's the jitter: tts set to now +
X (where 1/2 requeueInterval < X < requeueInterval).  See

So, if you set retrytime, you can rest assured that it will be used,
except if it was the first job in the batch, and dialing resulted in in
one of the 3 earlier errors (not a usual operating case).

A case might be made that in FaxSend.c+, we should honour retrytime for
those cases too.


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