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[hylafax-users] Notification not working.

Hi guys,

I'm using hylafax 4.2.1 under AIX 5.2 and I can't get the notification to work.

I have tried the following,

sendfax -n -T 1 -R -d 34193 /etc/hosts
sendfax -n -T 1 -D -d 34193 /etc/hosts

My /usr/local/lib/fax/hyla.conf has the following entry

Notify:                 "done"
and I tried
Notify:                 done

when I look at  one of the generated files in doneq, I find the following entry,

q99:notify:when done

which indicates that it has found my settings.

But I don't get any email back to the user. Email is set up correctly for the user and they are able to send it to themself. Notification is
up and running on another one of my boxes under AIX 4.3.3 (using hylafax 4.1.6-rc3) and the only difference I can see between the two boxes is
that the 4.3.3 box has a fax user set up - it's not on the new box.

Does the missing fax user make a difference ?
Any ideas on where to take this from here ?


Bruce Whittaker,
CASS Support,
Extension  34193
External     (02) 9269 4193.
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