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Re: [hylafax-users] Distinctive ring problems

On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 20:38 -0500, Amal Phadke wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	I am trying to set up HylaFAX server with distinctive ring
> support. I got some good pointers from folks on this list on how to
> set up HylaFAX server with DR. Unfortunately I have not been able to
> configure it succefully. 
> 	My main line number is voice and the second number on the same
> line with different ring is what I intend to use for fax. But the
> modem answers when I dial either of the numbers. What I would like is
> for the modem to ignore calls to my voice number and only answer if
> the call comes for the second number. 
> 	I would really appreciate some help.
> Thanks,
> Amal
> Following are contents of /var/spool/hylafax/etc/config.<modem>
> file. The modem is a Multitech internal PCI modem (MT5634ZPX-PCI-NV
> Internal Data/Fax Modem Version 8.19i)
> -----
> CountryCode:            1
> AreaCode:               281
> FAXNumber:              +1.281.<number>
> LongDistancePrefix:     1
> InternationalPrefix:    011
> DialStringRules:        etc/dialrules
> ServerTracing:          1
> SessionTracing:         11
> RecvFileMode:           0600
> LogFileMode:            0600
> DeviceMode:             0600
> RingsBeforeAnswer:      1
> SpeakerVolume:          off
> GettyArgs:              "-h %l dx_%s"
> LocalIdentifier:        Home
> TagLineFont:            etc/lutRS18.pcf
> TagLineFormat:          "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
> MaxRecvPages:           50
> #
> ModemType:              Class2
> ModemRate:              19200
> ModemResetCmds:         AT+VDR=1,10
> ModemFlowControl:       rtscts
> ModemNoFlowCmd:         AT&K0
> ModemSoftFlowCmd:       AT&K4
> ModemHardFlowCmd:       AT&K3
> ModemRecvFillOrder:     MSB2LSB         # classic MultiTech
> NoAnswerVoice:          true
> RingVoice:              RING1
> RingFax:                RING2

If you're using the MT5634ZPX it won't return "RING1" or RING2"
It will return a sequence of numerical data for the actual lengths of
the rings/silences that make up the cadence of the distinctive ring.
B.T.W. you can see what these look like if you have open minicom while
the phone is ringing.
So replace the last two lines above with the following:
DistictiveRings:	V-20,F-8-4-8
DRingOn:		DRON=
DRingOff:		DROF=

I'm slightly guessing the distictive ring cadences you're using but if
you're in the U.S. its probably correct for the first and second
distinctive rings.  You can always verify it by looking with minicom, or
in the logs with debugging sufficiently turned up.

There should be some documentation for this somewhere in 'man hylafax-


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