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[hylafax-users] [ANN] Hylapex 2.0

After a lot of work, I have the pleasure to announce the new hylapex 2.0.x

What is hylapex:
hylaPEx is a client for hylafax totally written in python, released with GPL license. Translate into English, Italian, French

For features/bugs/questions, contact me at michele.petrazzo@xxxxxxxxx

Some new features:

- fax concatenate on send-fax. Then you print to virtual "fax-printer",
  send fax windows appear. You you print another time into
  "fax-printer", the second fax is concatenate to the first (multi pages
  fax), and so on.
- program and printer installer (on windows)
- internal viewer
- phone book (local, mysql, odbc) with a wizard to create it
- new fax receive control (a pop up message)
- fax state send control (a pop up message) "Always, when ok, when no"
- right click on grid with all function (resend, update, modify job...)
- filtered view (by date or by number of fax)
- save-as. You can save fax as pdf, jpg, etc..
- multi-user for the s.o. the enable it (win 2k, xp, *unix, mac)
- Modify the "sending" fax with internal tools, like text and pen
- Administration password
- Flag for disable the view of incoming fax (helpfully when are in
  multi-user environment)
- Resend a already send fax with two click (right over the grid)
- Speed up work with right click of all other functions

 If you are on windows systems, simple download the full package.

 A.A.A. All the package that have specified a version number, are to be
  at *least* that version

 for all the systems (win, *nix, linux):
   python 2.3.4
   wxpython 2.6.0
   ctypes 0.9.5
   twistedmatrix 2.0 (I use 2.0 plus threadselectreactor with my own
   pysqlite2 (sqlite3)

 for *nux, linux:
   freeimage library 3.7.1 (now only from cvs)

 for win:
   freeimage library 3.7.0 (the dll it's ok)

Michele Petrazzo

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