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Re: [hylafax-users] Advice on USB Modems/Specifications

Hi Brian.
It is a requirement of conventional hubs to distribute power.  However, given that an upstream link is restricted to 500mA it is probably wise to use powered hubs to ensure that each port has 500mA available.
Historically, we could never get large numbers of USB modems to work reliably when we tried.  We suspect that this was primarily because of driver limitations.  If the Multitech modem is hardware based (contains a DSP and preferably a controller) then it will probably work..... although it would be great if someone has actually tried it recently.
Any reason why you're not considering a multiport PCI card ?
Andrew Rinaldi
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Subject: [hylafax-users] Advice on USB Modems/Specifications

Greetings to all!  We are looking at getting about ten Multitech MultiModem USB modems for our Hylafax server.  My question is this:  the gentleman at MultiTech said that these modems are powered from the USB port, but they were not sure how many devices we can hook up to one PC and still have them all powered.  Has anyone else tried anything like this?  Have any of you had an problems?  Obviously we are going to need a USB hub to go along with this solution.  Will a powered USB hub actually supply power?  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  I couldn’t find anything in the archives about this one.  Thanks!



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