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[hylafax-users] Lost Documents problem

Hello, all.
First, I need to preface this, I don't want to get flamed:  I don't have all the information regarding this problem at this time, but I am trying to gather as much information as possible.

I have Hylafax 4.2.1 running on Fedora Core 2, Equinox SST-8M 8 port multimodem board.  Generic Pentium 4, 512GB RAM, 60GB drive.  Modems are configured as Class 1 fax.  3 lines are configured as one fax number, 5 lines are configured as a different fax number.  We are not currently doing outbound faxing from Hylafax.  I have modified the faxrcvd file to automatically print to network printers.  The print command follows:
/usr/bin/tiff2ps -a2 $FILE | /usr/bin/lpr -P$FILETYPE

We have customers complaining that they fax to our fax server, they get confirmation that the fax sent, but we do not receive the fax.  Faxing to a real fax machine does work.  I don't yet have any specific examples of this.  The obvious answer (and likely the right one) is that our staff is losing the printed documents, though I don't believe it should be on the scale we are seeing.  Possibly, they do not print (but not as likely).  I don't know if it's even possible for it to fail to create a tiff file if the customer receives a confirmation.  

So, my question is, what would cause a fax to fail to print?  What would cause Hylafax to fail to create a tiff file?  We do receive roughly 450 pages of fax per day, so it's a good amount of activity, and it's been a reliable server.  I don't have an estimate of the missing percentage.  I will give more information as I gather it.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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