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Re: [hylafax-users] batching almost there

Mason Sanders wrote:

Hylafax realizes that the jobs are separated entities and splits them into separate tiff files correctly, however all of the jobs have the same comm id which is throwing off our internal fax tracking database.

This behavior can be changed in current CVS HEAD by using "BatchLogs: no" in your /var/spool/hylafax/etc/config file.

It relies on a unique comm id for each job to be identified.

My suggestion would be to not equate job identification with commid. You can have a single job have multiple commids (multiple calls) even without batching.

I can't seem to determine what causes the jobs to be batched together.

If multiple jobs are in the queue to the same destination at the time that the scheduler is run, then it will attempt to batch those jobs. So if your jobs hit the queue one-by-one and there are never more than one in the queue to the same destination before the scheduler is run and begins to process those jobs then you will not see batching occur. If, on the other hand, those conditions are met, then all of the jobs in the queue to the same destination should get sent together in a batch.

All of the jobs must come in to the same phone number so that they are placed in the correct directory. Is there a way to turn the batching feature on/off?

In current CVS HEAD you can use "MaxBatchJobs: 1" in your /var/spool/hylafax/etc/config file.

What criteria does the server use to determine if it should batch a set of jobs to the same destination? I have read all of the man pages and can't find any mention of batch jobs.

In current CVS HEAD there is some (perhaps limited still) documentation regarding batching in the man pages. In 4.2.1 the documentation was largely just in 'man faxsend'.


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