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Re: [hylafax-users] pdfs...

Okay How would I setup FaxDispatch to convert them?  Ideally i'd just have a 
pdf copies of the files stored in a different folder or maybe a subdir of 
recvq.  Also, what programs is used to convert tiffs from pdf is that ability 
built into Hylafax or does it depend on an external program? 


On Tuesday 09 August 2005 09:04, you wrote:
> Samir Faci wrote:
> >I Want to have hylafax receive faxes by default in pdf format.  Is there
> >anyway to do that?  I know I can setup FaxDispatch to email the files as
> >pdfs.  But is there any way to have hylafax receive the files by default
> > in pdf format?
> No.  Fax communication commonly uses MH, MR, and MMR image data
> compression formats.  Although it is true that you can put a PDF wrapper
> around these, the "native" format of these compression types is
> generally considered to be TIFF, although some other fax applications
> will actually store these data formats "raw" onto disk.
> Some HylaFAX features also depend on the TIFF tags that are stored in
> the image files themselves, and although this information could (in
> theory) be stored in a PDF, HylaFAX currently has no way to glean that
> data from PDF markers, and no TIFF-to-PDF converter has been taught to
> take the TIFF tag information and to store it in PDF markers.
> So you *could* convert the files in the recvq from TIFF to PDF with
> FaxDispatch, but you'd lose some valuable information from the TIFF
> files and some parts of HylaFAX may not subsequently function as expected.
> Lee.

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