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Re: [hylafax-users] Lotus Notes and Hylafax

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 12:47, you wrote:
> Hi,
> In my company, we are using a Lotus Notes Server and now we are trying to
> let it work together with Hylafax.
> Does anyone of you know a way to do so, with the newest Version of Lotus
> Notes ? I would be very glad about any help
> Regards
> Dominik Bethke

HylaFAX sends postscript files, which are what most Unix applications 
generate.  So all you have to do is install a printer driver which generates 
postscript -- try the Apple LaserWriter -- and make sure you select "print to 
file".  Then, when you print, a postscript file will be generated.  This then 
can be faxed out through HylaFAX.  But I would be very surprised if there is 
no "fake printer driver" which will do all this already for you.

Whenever a fax is received, a file is generated.  You can attach this to a 
mail message.  Lotus Notes actually includes its own SMTP server on port 25; 
so all you need do is, on the box where HylaFAX is running, have a perl or 
python script which will make an SMTP connection to the Lotus Notes server, 
just as though it was normal sendmail  {but NB! cos it is Windows, you will 
have to use \r\n wheras proper sendmail lets you getaway with \n}  and send a 
message with an attachment.  The attachment of course being the received fax 

There will be perl and python modules for doing all of the hard stuff if you 
haven't written your own functions already that you can adapt.


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