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Re: [hylafax-users] HylaFAX v4.2.1 under Debian 3.1; Zyxel U90E - Report says successfully completed, but Fax failed

Bozem, Markus wrote:

Aug 08 16:06:29.84: [17707]: <-- [9:AT+FTH=3\r]
Aug 08 16:06:30.88: [17707]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Aug 08 16:06:30.89: [17707]: <-- data [4]
Aug 08 16:06:30.89: [17707]: <-- data [2]
Aug 08 16:06:31.13: [17707]: --> [2:OK]
Aug 08 16:06:31.14: [17707]: SEND send EOR (end of retransmission)
Aug 08 16:06:31.14: [17707]: SEND send EOP (no more pages or documents)
Aug 08 16:06:31.14: [17707]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
Aug 08 16:06:31.77: [17707]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Aug 08 16:06:32.73: [17707]: --> [2:OK]
Aug 08 16:06:32.73: [17707]: SEND recv ERR (confirm end of retransmission)

What brand and model of fax machine is this at the receiving end?

EOR means "end of retransmissions". From T.30 it states, "This command indicates that the transmitter decides to terminate the retransmission of error frames in the previous partial page and to transmit the next block upon receipt of ERR response."

So the ERR signal is a confirmation of the receipt of EOR and indicates the receiver's acknowledgement that the process will move on to the next block (if there is one, and in this case there isn't one). If the receiver did not want the process to move on to the next block or confirm the receipt of the current one then they should disconnect and/or send DCN.

So, truth said, the receiver here confirmed the page reception. Furthermore, the image data compression was MH - meaning that even if there had been corrupt portions of data, the receiver still could have printed out 95% of the image just fine. Furthermore, it would appear that the receiver did not report any corrupt frames that we transmitted. Unless Class1PersistentECM is disabled (it's enabled by default), HylaFAX will only transmit EOR when the receiver signals an "empty" PPR - meaning the PPR signal indicates that all frames that were transmitted were received (in which case the receiver should probably have signalled MCF instead).

Since the receiver confirmed the page, why do you say that the fax failed?


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