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Re: [hylafax-users] COMREC invalid response received PSTN <--> Asterisk <--> Hylafax

On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 09:19 -0700, Lee Howard wrote:
> Joseph wrote:
> >For me like most
> >other small businesses this Line is just sitting idle (getting two or
> >three faxes a day).  
> >So the solution with Asterisk is not perfect yet but tolerable.  
> >
> You're a perfect user type for a fax service.  Do you host your own 
> e-mail server?  Do you host your own web server?  Why, then, do you host 
> your own fax server?  Using a fax service from someone else would be 
> much less than having your own dedicated fax line and would be much less 
> problematic that using Asterisk and fax detection.
> Lee.

Yes, we are hosting our own web-server but not email server.
That is true, that using someone else fax service would be a good
But, since I'm running Asterisk as I need PBX (or like to have a PBX),
so running Hylafax is just adding an external modem and starting

Not to mention, that some faxes have sensitive information so I would
rather receive them directly than having them forwarded to me.
And it is worth to mention that I really enjoy Hylafax TSI bocking
feature, so I was able to eliminate 90% of the fax junk I receive.  This
is one of the best feature of Hylafax and I just love it.

Another, positive aspect of Hylafax (or standard fax) + Asterisk is the
ability to eliminate the Fax Line all together.  Fax Line in most of the
small businesses are nothing more than a cash cow for local Telephone
Companies, all they do is just charging us the "Business Rate".  With
Asterisk FaxDetection, I can receive the fax on the same voice line and
automatically forward it to a fax extension be it Hylafax or standard
fax.  If I need another incoming/outgoing line, I can have a DID-number
or even better, connect with Asterisk your home number and you have
second incoming and outgoing with "0" cost.


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