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Re: [hylafax-users] FaxDispatch...

Okay.. maybe someone can enlighthen me... 

I looked over the faxrcvd script and the only reference i see is this:
if [ -f etc/FaxDispatch ]; then
    . etc/FaxDispatch           # NB: FaxDispatch sets SENDTO
(which i presume checks if the file exists and if it exists includes it into 
the script).

this is what my FaxDispatch file looks like: 
case "$DEVICE" in
/dev/ttyACM0)   SENDTO=clfaxes;;  # all faxes received on ttyACM0
/dev/ttyACM1)   FILETYPE=pdf; SENDTO=clfaxes;;  # all faxes received on 
/dev/ttyACM2)   mv $FILENAME /var/spool/fax/custom/purchasing/;;
ttyACM2)        mv $FILENAME /var/spool/fax/custom/purchasing/;;

as far as I can tell none of the lines are working.. but lines refering to 
ttyACM2 are the ones i'd like to get working.  

owner of custom and purchasing is uucp same as recvq and same permissions.


On Tuesday 16 August 2005 03:45 pm, Lee Howard wrote:
> spamuser2@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >This might be a stupid question.. but is FaxDispatch a shell script?  and
> > does most bash logic work in it as well...
> >
> >ie.  does it need #!/bin/bash on top and the chmod +x permission... or
> > does hylafax execute it internally?
> FaxDispatched is sourced from a shell script, faxrcvd, and it does not
> need the shebang because of that or need to have execute permissions
> (it's merely read and included).
> Lee.

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