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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax DID support

Brian D. Blake wrote:

Our phone system (NEC Aspire) is compatible with DID and our service provider can supply me with the required DID numbers and system programming to use DID routing for our companies faxes. I am looking at the Multi-Tech Systems MT5634ZBA-DID modem to use for this function. I have searched the archives and can only find posts as recent as 2003 regarding Hylafax and DID support. Does Hylafax support fax routing by DID numbers? If so, can someone point me in the right direction for instructions on setting Hylaxfax up for this.



The best reference, though, is the man page. The man page ('man hylafax-config') entry in current CVS HEAD says:

For example, the following settings will cause HylaFAX to enter voice mode and go off-hook when a RING is detected. It will then expect four DTMF digits (presumably for routing), and then it will pause for 100 ms before returning to fax mode and answering the call.

       ModemRingResponse:     AT+FCLASS=8;H1
       CallIDPattern:         SHIELDED_DTMF
       CallIDAnswerLength:    4
       ModemAnswerCmd:        <delay:100>AT+FCLASS=1;A

Of course, using these settings you'd also want to change RingsBeforeAnswer to something like 0 or 5 (so that answer occurs on DID reception, not rings).

Note that CallID stuff is not in 4.2.1. You'd need to use "CIDNumber: SHIELDED_DTMF" and "CIDNumberAnswerLength: 4" with 4.2.1. (Name/Number interchangeable)


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