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Re: [hylafax-users] Problem on the Patent Front

Steve Underwood wrote:

Lee Howard wrote:

Whether or not the patents are anything less silly than patenting frozen juice bars is questionable, yet nonetheless the patents do exist, and that gives the holder every right to sue whomever they may see infringing upon their Congress-approved monopoly on the so-called invention.

I see where you are coming from (i.e. the doctor specialising in paranoia :-) ), however that case involved copyright infringement. Patents have a more solid basis than copyright for what is and is not allowed. However, the US courts seems to be making law up as they go along these days, so who knows. The snag is with a really paranoid attitude you never do anything wrong by simply never doing anything at all. :-\

I'm glad that you see, now, what I was trying to say before (even though, yes, it may not have been well thought-out). :-)

I don't expect that it's anything new to recent generations, although it's certainly obvious today, but it seems that much of the world revolves around greed. So in that endeavor people try to pack their wagons full of stuff - even of stuff that they don't value at the time but they hope may be of value sometime to someone. And if others let them, they start packing that wagon full of stuff that really isn't even theirs. They land in a "new world", stake the flag into the ground, and thus declare that entire continent belongs to their greedy king. Well, that's all good for them, I guess. However, that kind of behavior only works when other people who may want the same property acknowledge the others' claims.

So I think that the best thing that we can do is to just move on, getting our work done without stepping on others' toes, and do our best to help those that become the targets of greedy neighbors. If you have something that others see of value then sometime, somewhere, somehow someone else will try to take it from you... guaranteed. Let's not let that scare us, though.


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