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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax and DID

Am 2005.08.18 17:02 schrieb(en) Lee Howard:

However, most ISDN cards are not going to use faxgetty. So the fact that faxgetty supports DID is irrelevant when you're not using hardware that can be used by faxgetty.

I don't know much about how CAPI4HylaFAX works.

Hello Eben,

capi4hylafax supports multiple MSN or DDI.
I can confirm it works with MSNs using an old AVM B1 ISA on a BRI line. I did not check DDI but it's mentioned in the config file.
Capi4hylafax supplies the destination (MSN in my case) as argument $7 to faxrcvd. The Debian version of the faxrcvd script assigns this to variable DESTINATION. I use this value in FaxDispatch to select the email address.

I think DDI and DID is the same.

Every ISDN card that provides a CAPI interface should work with capi4hylafax. Capi4hylafax was implemented by AVM, so probably all cards manufactured by AVM will work.
The newer AVM cards are not cheap.
The cheapest solution is probably to buy some used AVM B1 cards with some BRI lines on your PBX. (On Ebay Germany you can find AVM B1 ISA or PCI for <100EUR or even <20EUR if you are lucky.)

Capi4hylafax does not support 2D encoding.
There are versions of capi4hylafax that send a wrong capability string which makes Hylafax think it supports 2D. This results in empty pages or nothing on the receiving side while the sender gets a success message. This is fixed in the Debian version and (IIRC) in the current beta version.

My old AVM B1 can receive only one fax at 9600 and send at 14400. It cannot send and receive at the same time, at least not to itself. I don't know if it could send two faxes simultaneously. Newer versions may be better because they have a faster processor on the card.

I think you do not get very much debugging information from capi4hylafax if there are any problems.


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