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Re: [hylafax-users] coordinating batches, was: FaxDispatch...

offman wrote:

here's an interesting one or two .
this is the ftp command trace between a client & hylafax

-> jparm RETRYTIME 1800
213 RETRYTIME set to 1800.
-> jparm SENDTIME 200508180344
213 SENDTIME set to 20050818114400.
-> jparm DOCUMENT /tmp/doc110.ps
200 Added document /tmp/doc110.ps as docq/doc110.ps.110.
-> jsubm 110
200 Job 110 submitted.

1. I submit a RETRYTIME 1800, and the hylafax server confirms it
213 RETRYTIME set to 1800.

but in the job file it is set as : retrytime:1080!!
I had seen this before but assumed the  client code.

After looking at the code (hfaxd/Jobs.c++ line ~385) RETRYTIME is in the format of MMSS, so "1800" means 18 minutes, 0 seconds, and that comes out to be 1080 seconds. If you want 30 minutes retrytime then "JPARM RETRYTIME 3000".

This is new in the last couple of days
2. i set the send time as SENDTIME 200508180344
but the server returns
SENDTIME set to 20050818114400 !!

which is not GMT but my actual time zone.

See 'man hfaxd' under "TZONE". That said, I will agree that the server needs to talk back to you with the same time zone setting with which it interprets the client messages. You may want to file a bug report on that.


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