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Re: [hylafax-users] destination address rule

Quoting Bodo Meissner <bodo@xxxxxxxxx>:

> > For example, if the incoming fax number was +31201234567, the
> > resulting email must be sent to:
> >
> >               +31201234567@xxxxxxxxxx
> >
> > Is this possible? If so, how would you implement this rule?
> man faxrcvd

Perhaps I'm just a bit thick, but I don't see enough there to solve my
problem. It's clear to me that I'd have to modify etc/FaxDispatch, but
beyond that I'm not sure what to do.


The above looks a lot like what I'm looking for, except of course that
$SENDER yields the sender's fax number instead of the incoming MSN.
Also, this way the value for $SENDER gets chopped up making the
resulting email undeliverable. This is from my Exim log:

  20:21:31 <= fax@xxxxxxx U=uucp P=local S=10337
  20:21:31 ** 1234567@xxxxxxx: Unrouteable address
  20:21:31 ** 30@xxxxxxx: Unrouteable address
  20:21:31 ** +31@xxxxxxx: Unrouteable address
  20:21:31 <= <> R=1E6uRn-0007sQ-Bk U=Debian-exim P=local S=11215
  20:21:31 ** fax@xxxxxxx: Unrouteable address
  20:21:31 Frozen (delivery error message)

So, I'm still looking for an answer. Any advice would be much


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