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[hylafax-users] Undefined job tries to get sent

Hello all.

I have Hylafax 4.2.1-1fcr installed and running on Fedora Core 1, using kernel 2.4.22-1.2199.nptl.

Several days ago i've received an email from the hylafax server with an error message, saying that a job could not be sent...

i was wondering who could sent a job to the hylafax server, if it was wekeend and no one was working...

the question is, that this same job tries to get sent day afer day.
even removing the job from the queue with faxrm, every day the same job apears on the hylafax queue and tries to get sent....

the destination number is always the same..
here are the /var/log/messages:

Aug 22 11:03:49 hylafax FaxSend[11284]: MODEM ROCKWELL RC288DPi/V2.050-V34_ACF_DS1
Aug 22 11:03:50 hylafax FaxSend[11284]: SEND FAX: JOB 17 DEST +31-20-6000461 COMMID 000000160 DEVICE '/dev/ttyS1'Aug 22 11:03:59 hylafax FaxSend[11284]: SEND FAILED: JOB 17 DEST +31-20-6000461 ERR Busy signal detected
Aug 22 11:04:18 hylafax FaxGetty[3906]: MODEM ROCKWELL RC288DPi/V2.050-V34_ACF_DS1

the thing is that the modem gives always an error message of a busy signal and nothing happens to that job...

anyone has a clue why this is happening, or where is this job, and how can i stop this from happening?


Bruno Santos

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Bruno Santos
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Hospital Amato Lusitano
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