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Sene Guillaume wrote:


I found the page on HYLAFAX website : http://www.hylafax.org/howto/clients/faxmail-nonrandom-host.php <http://www.hylafax.org/howto/clients/faxmail-nonrandom-host.php>
It explain how to deliver mail to fax server with a network.
the adresses user@xxxxxxxxxxxxx is not be routed by the network to the fax server.
I've tried to change sendmail.cf with the new line : R$+.FAX<@$+> $1<@$2.FAX>
I've put this line just before the line : R$+<@$+.FAX.> $#fax $@ $2 $: $1
But i doesn't work.
I receive an error mail : "user unknown" because user XXXXX.FAX doesn't exist.
Can someone help me ?


I had the same problem before. the solution i found (untill i can think another one, your email must be sent to:


ex: 123456789.fax@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

and those lines (that are fine) must be placed in the sendmail of your hylafax server.

since the user can be a random one, you cannot send the emails to your email server, as it will not understand them.

another thing: have you add the mailer definitions to the sendmail.cf file ? they are needed.

the error you are getting is because something is missing in your configuration.

PS: just a reminder - everytime you rebuild the sendmail.mc file, all the changes to sendmail.cf are lost and replaced by the sendmail.mc

my advise: make all the changes you need to sendmail.mc then change what you want in the sendmail.cf and just restart your sendmail

hope helpfull.


Bruno Santos

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