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[hylafax-users] Problems to receive faxes

Hi all,
I'm having problems to receive faxes. My modem is a USRobotics External Modem 56K, and I'm using it as class 2.0. This the command in the file /etc/inittab which is responsable for the auto-answer:
mo:2345:respawn:/usr/local/sbin/faxgetty /dev/ttyS1
And this is the log file (/var/log/messages):
Aug 23 14:22:52 oraserver FaxGetty[938]: --> [4:RING]
Aug 23 14:23:02 oraserver last message repeated 2 times
Aug 23 14:23:02 oraserver FaxGetty[938]: MODEM input buffering enabled
Aug 23 14:23:17 oraserver FaxGetty[938]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
Aug 23 14:23:17 oraserver FaxGetty[938]: GETTY: START "/sbin/agetty -h ttyS1 dx_19200", pid 2230
Aug 23 14:23:17 oraserver FaxGetty[2230]: runGetty::initgroups: Operation not permitted
Aug 23 14:23:27 oraserver FaxGetty[938]: GETTY: exit status 0400
I'm using Red Hat 7.2, and HylaFax 4.2.1. Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance,
Ricardo Albuquerque

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