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Re: [hylafax-users] How do I confirm running version?

Laker Netman wrote:

I'm a little puzzled. I downloaded, compiled and
installed version 4.2.1 on a Redhat Linux 9 box that
had NO previous installation (RPM, etc) of hylafax on
it. On those occasions I get an email about a failed
fax reception (COMSPEC or RSPREC for example) is
indicates I'm running version 4.1.8 (???) Is there a
command I can issue that will report back the
installed version?

Re-run faxsetup and then run 'faxstat -i'. That said, you still should trust whatever the logs indicate.

Also, I had four modems set up and have reduced that
to two for the time being.  How do I completely remove
the old modems (ttya03 & 04)?  I hand edited inittab
to stop faxgetty from respawn them, but the configs
keep re-appearing in .../hylafax/status and I keep
getting warnings that they're wedged even though they
no longer appear when I do a faxstat.  I have searched
the archives, but not found a solution that works.

If you're getting repeated wedged messages then some process is trying to initialize that modem. Make sure that you're not running faxgetty on those modems and then restart faxq.


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