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Re: [hylafax-users] *HELP!!*


I won't send you one as that sounds like cheating.

However, if you open up word and have a look at the templates you'll see some fax templates are provided for you. But understand
that your teacher would know about them too - so don't try to copy them - just use them to understand what you need to do.

Good luck with the assignment.

Bruce Whittaker,

"joshua lynagh" <joshua.lynagh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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25/08/2005 12:25

Please respond to

[hylafax-users] *HELP!!*

For a school project I have been asked to design a Fax Cover Sheet. This
is kinda due tomorrow. Would you be able to tell me how I go about
designing one, and what is needed on the sheet. Or, alternatively, could
you email me a sample of one. Thankyou HEAPS!!


PS.. Reply is kinda needed asap.. soz

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