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Re: [hylafax-users] Postscript translators

* Geoff Toogood <geoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [050827 00:07]:
> Hi y'all.
> This is not really a question about how to use hylafax more about how to generate a good postscript file from a complex HTML doc.
> When i use html2ps it seems to not do a very good translation when there are nested tables and complex HTML structures. 
> Is there any *nix software out there that does a better HTML to Postscript translation than html2ps so I can generate a postscript file that looks more like the HTML doc I have created?

Mozilla?  Firefox?  Konqueror?  Epiphany? Opera?

Any of the web-browsers would be able to print it to a postscript

Or you could import it in OpenOffice.org...


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