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Re: [hylafax-users] HylaFAX 4.2.1-23 and Fedora Core 3

On Monday 29 August 2005 09:55, you wrote:
> Terry D. Boldt wrote:
> >Problem: I can send  A (i.e., ONE ) fax. After the fax is sent, HylaFAX
> > goes into a mode where it does 1 of 2 things:
> This is probably because you're not running faxgetty or faxmodem.  (Or
> perhaps faxgetty is having problems with kppp.)
> >I have found that faxgetty and kppp do not co-exist readily. I was able to
> > get kppp to dial out and login to my ISP once, but it quickly died
> > because the modem had been sent the hang-up command (from faxgetty I
> > suspect). I have made do with swapping the "/etc/inittab" file between a
> > plain vanilla one and a faxgetty one and rebooting to get faxgetty
> > functionality when I need to receive faxes. Then reswapping and
> > rebooting. I don't need to receive very often, as in very seldom.
> In theory faxgetty and kppp should be able to coexist as long as they
> both use the same lockfile.  So you'd have problems if one of them
> referred to /dev/ttyS0 while the other referred to /dev/modem.

As a theoretical physicist, I have always noticed that actual practice has a 
rather rude way of upsetting theory. In this case, both kppp and 
HylaFAX/faxgetty refer to/use /dev/ttyS0. 

They may coexist peacefully in theory and maybe in practice on some/most 
computers, unfortunately they do not on my computer. The one and only time I 
was able to get kppp to dial and connect while faxgetty was running, faxgetty 
promptly issued a hangup command and canceled the session out from under 
kppp. There may be some lock or config file for either or both that sets 
parameters for faxgetty to coexist peacefully, I have not found any mention 
of such in any of the HylaFAX documentation. The only peice I found that 
mentions their coexistence, mentions commanding the modem back to FCLASS 0 
after sending a fax. I have been able to get KPPP to issue that command 
during initialization, but it didn't prevent faxgetty from hanging up the 
modem anyway. Also, the documentation did not mention how to get HylaFAX to 
issue the command after sending a fax.

Also, how do I get faxstat/HylaFAX to think it is "running AND idle" again as 
opposed to just "running"?? Any ideas??

I have thought about renaming the /var/spool/hylafax directory and then 
issuing the su -c 'make install'" command in the hylafax source directory 
again and re-installing hylafax. If nobody has any better ideas I will just 
have to try that.


> Lee.

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Terry Boldt
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