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Re: [hylafax-users] DCN when sending 60 page fax to Canon fax machine

Based on your information, I went and moved page 41 to page 48 and
resent the fax.  This time, the receiver DCN'd at page 48.  You were
right.  It was a problem with the file.  Strange thing is, nothing
seems wrong just by looking at it.  I created the fax with Able Fax
Tiff Viewer which was launched by Cypheus.  Is there a better Windows
program to create/compile faxes with?


On 8/30/05, Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jack Liu wrote:
> >Thanks for your response.  We've sent 100 page faxes to them before
> >with our brother fax machine without a problem.  This appears to be
> >related to either hylafax, the modem, or both.  Generally speaking,
> >the Canon may simply not communicate well with my hylafax/modem
> >combination.
> >
> >
> "Not communicating well" will not result in the receiver sending a DCN
> signal.
> The DCN signal by a receiver is a deliberate act to terminate fax
> communication.
> So if you can get 30 pages through just fine, then you can count on
> there not being any "not communicating well" problems.
> If the DCN is not being triggered by page-count or other factors on the
> receive-side, then it could indicate that something is awry with your
> page 40 or 41 (or whatever page it is that it fails on).  Receivers will
> sometimes send DCN when they detect corrupt T.4 or T.6 data.  Since
> you're usine ECM you can trust that if this is the case then the corrupt
> data originated with the document preparer/converter (typically
> Ghostscript).  Try a completely different 50-page document.  If it gets
> through fine then it could very well be something wrong with how the
> preparer/converter prepared that problematic page.  If that's the case,
> then maybe you could try varying the session parameters of the fax,
> starting with the data format (compression).
> Canons are rather fussy fax machines... but usually they're fussy for a
> valid reason.
> Lee.

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