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[hylafax-users] Script Error on 4.2.1 faxsetup

Hello All!


   I get the following when I run /usr/sbin/faxsetup


Setup program for HylaFAX (tm) 4.2.1.


Created for i686-pc-linux-gnu on Tue May  3 03:19:46 EDT 2005.


Found encoder: /usr/bin/uuencode

/usr/sbin/faxsetup: line 321: 5: Bad file descriptor                        <-----------------

Looks like /usr/bin/uuencode does not support base64 encoding.

Checking system for proper client configuration.






The script contains the following at line 321


    320 capture()

    321 {

    322     (eval "set -x; $*") >&5 2>&1

    323     return

    324 }



Any Ideas?






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