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Re: [hylafax-users] HylaFAX 4.2.1-23 and Fedora Core 3

On Tuesday 30 August 2005 22:44, you wrote:
> Terry D. Boldt wrote:
> >So kppp is creating its lock file and faxgetty is creating its lock file,
> > both with the same name, but in just sightly differing directories.
> > faxgetty is totally ignoring the UUCP_LOCKDIR definition in the
> > setup.cache file.
> UUCPLockDir, UUCPLockType, UUCPLockTimeout and UUCPLockMode are
> documented at http://www.hylafax.org/man/hylafax-config.php; probably
> you'll only need to set the first of them. As S2-class directives,
> you'll want to set them both in etc/config and your etc/config.<modem>
> files.

Ahhhh. I have to set the line in BOTH config and config.ttyS0.
I had set the line 

UUCPLockDir: /var/lock

in config.ttyS0 only and faxtgetty totally ignores it and continues to create 
it's lock file in /ar/lock/uucp and thus conflicts with kppp

I'll try that now


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