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Re: [hylafax-users] GETTY: exit status 077400

(Ugh. It's attack of the USR modems day today.)

Adam Engel wrote:

Hey guys,

I was informed this morning that one of our fax modems was not receiving faxes. I attempted to send a fax to the number but received a busy tone. Checking the logs, I found there to be no connection to that fax line. I then found the pid of mgetty ttyS9 and killed it. Ran init q to re-examine the inittab file. In the logs I am now receiving the following error:

Sep 2 10:57:32 fax2 FaxGetty[24523]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
Sep 2 10:57:32 fax2 FaxGetty[24523]: GETTY: START "/sbin/mgetty -h ttyS9 dx_19200", pid 24657
Sep 2 10:57:32 fax2 FaxGetty[24523]: GETTY: exit status 077400
Sep 2 10:57:46 fax2 FaxGetty[24523]: MODEM U.S. ROBOTICS 56K FAX /

What exactly does this mean, and is there anything I can do without going to the modem and restarting it?

It means that your USR modem thinks that the caller is a data caller and not a fax caller. Disable adaptive answer in your modem config and/or put AT+FAA=0 in your ModemResetCmds. If that doesn't help, then try:

ModemAnswerCmd: AT+FCLASS=1;A

You must be using "ModemType: Class1" for this to be valid.


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