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Re: [hylafax-users] CAPI and tagline

I think rewriting the whole capi4hylafax morloch would be the best solution
I had hours of investigations and a lot of support mails with AVM concerning
c2faxsend and its missing functions and BUGS. But they (AVM) stated there
are no known issues with c2faxsend...
By collecting and combining all wrapper-scripts found in this list for
c2faxsend we will shurely get a nice application some day. ;-)

just my 2 cents


> For those of you working with capi4hylafax:
> When sending Faxes with c2faxsend, the usual TagLineFormat configuration
> is not supported. You can only set a fixed variable (LocalIdentifier) in
> config.faxCAPI. So in order to get dynamic Taglines on a per job base I
> wrote a little wrapper script which will overwrite the LocalIdentifier
> string.
> Just use
> sendfax -i "this is my tagline" <other args>
> to send a fax and have the LocalIdentifier variable overwritten with
> "this is my tagline".
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> #!/bin/sh
> # name it c2sendfax.wrap and place it with rx permissions for
> uucp:dialout
> # under /usr/local/bin
> # don't forget a line in /var/spool/hylafax/config
> # SendFaxCmd:             "/usr/local/bin/c2faxsend.wrap"
> eval QFILE=\$$#
> TAGLINE=`grep jobtag $QFILE | sed s/jobtag://`
> # path to c2faxsend cmd might be different for you
> /usr/bin/c2faxsend -v -c LocalIdentifier:"\"$TAGLINE\"" $@
> rc=$?
> exit $rc
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> regards
> Moritz

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