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Re: [hylafax-users] Sending PDF questions

I have been trying to send pdfs threough HylaFAX but the text is not ligning 
up with the margins in the pdf.  Does anyone know anything about this? I have 
tried to send many pdfs through HylaFAX and no matter how the pdfs are setup 
(margins, font sizes, picture widths, etc.) it will not line up the right 


On Monday September 19 2005 02:05 pm, Blake Grover wrote:
> I have been using HylaFax to send out faxes and I have had a couple of
> questions.  I have sent out a number of faxes that were pdf files.  It
> works pretty good but I have noticed some errors and I would like to know
> if anyone else has been having these problems or if it is something I am
> doing wrong. I generate my pdf with a program from htmldoc wich generates a
> pdf from html.
> One of the problems is the margins.  The left margin works great and if I
> have a graphic that is 100% of the width in the pdf it also respects the
> margins. But the text goes to the edge of the paper.  I can adjust the
> margins in the htmldoc program and if I adjust the left margin it moves it
> on the fax, but if I adjust the right margin it seems to move it a tiny bit
> but not much.
> Another problem is when there is text underlined in the pdf the underline
> is off to the left about 2-3 centimeters.  Other than that it works really
> good.
> The pdfs when opened in Kpdf or adobe acrobat look fine and have no
> problems just when I use HylaFax.  If anyone has any idea why it would be
> doing this I would appreciate your help.
> Thanks
> Blake

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