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[hylafax-users] Mainpine Rockforce Octo+, Hylafax and DTMF

Title: Mainpine Rockforce Octo+, Hylafax and DTMF

>I have posted this on fa.hylafax but got no answer. Does anyone on this list have a hint ?
I am trying to get the Rockforce (Octo+) card to work with DTMF digit
detection in Hylafax 4.2.0. I got my PBX to send 4 digits to the phone

I tried few solutions out there, each of them involved modifying
etc/config.ttySx file. For example:
ModemRingResponse: AT+FCLASS=8;H1
CIDNumberAnswerLength: 4
ModemAnswerCmd: AT+FCLASS=1;A

Unfortunately, that alone does not seem to work. Does anyone out there
have some suggestions or maybe even solutions :)? I would really
appreciate any help.

Pawel Kowalke

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