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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax parallel with standalone faxmachine issue

Rolands Mekšs wrote:

Oct 20 18:48:51.70: [ 8861]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
Oct 20 18:48:51.74: [ 8861]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Oct 20 18:48:52.93: [ 8861]: --> [2:OK]
Oct 20 18:48:52.93: [ 8861]: RECV FAX: RSPREC error/got DCN

Since this does not occur when the fax machine is turned off it can only mean one thing: the fax machine is participating in the Phase B protocol exchange.... meaning that both the fax machine and the HylaFAX server are answering the same calls. This won't work.

What's happening is that either 1) the fax machine is answering and is also sending these "prologue" frames to the sender and the sender does not like getting these "mixed" signals - so it sends DCN, or 2) the fax machine itself is signalling DCN because it's answering and noticing that it's getting HylaFAX's signals also answering.

Again, both the fax machine and HylaFAX cannot answer simultaneously. If you insist on having the fax machine answer calls as a backup, then set it to answer after like 5 rings and HylaFAX to answer after 1 or 2. If that doesn't work, then you'll need to use a fax modem that "cuts off" the pass-through port when it is using the line and then run the fax machine off of that pass-through port.


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