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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax + Eicon PRI card stability / volume question

The reason we are getting rid of the analog lines is because the pricing will be much better...even for 7-10 channels (as this is the 4th or 5th PRI that will be installed in this office..)

I haven't been able to find pricing for the digital card, but can anyone give me a ballpark figure for both the Eicon and the Patton?

Lee Howard a écrit :
Andrew and Guillaume,

I've consulted a number of different companies when they were considering installing T1/E1 lines. It makes a fair amount of monetary sense - simply from the standpoint of the monthly overhead - if you're talking about 24 channels. The monetary benefits really become quite hazy when you get into the 7-10 channel range, and I guess it really depends on what kind of pricing you can get for a fractional T1/E1.

The big downside to digital installations, in my opinion, is the lack of selection/competition in HylaFAX-compatible hardware for digital installations. I've never used CAPI4Hylafax or ISDN4Linux, and as those softwares are not developed in concert with HylaFAX development, I've never considered using them, either. So that leaves us with the Eicon Diva Server and the Patton 2977. I have long since always recommended the Patton over the Eicon because the Patton's true Class 1 interface gives the control of the fax protocol to HylaFAX. The Diva Server's "fax Class" interface is something like a fax proxy, and any DCE-to-DCE fixes or modifications that need to occur must always come from Eicon - and I prefer to be in as much control of the fax protocol as possible. That said, Eicon's work tends to be good and I don't expect there to appear many problems with it. The one thing that the Diva Server has going for it over the Patton 2977, though, is that it supports V.34-Fax (SuperG3) whereas the 2977 doesn't... which in the long run may actually save a fax sender a lot of money.

However, the selections in analog equipment for faxing is much better, and in my opinion the performance of analog faxing equipment, such as MainPine's RockForce cards, is superior to the performance of digital faxing equipment. In theory this should not be the case, as the PRI D-channel gives digital solutions an advantage... but in practice my analog installations outperform the digital ones (although not by much).


Andrew Rinaldi wrote:

Good luck !

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We plan on ditching all Analog lines before the end of the year so analog is
a no no..

I think I will try with an Eicon card..

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