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[hylafax-users] Problem: could not reopen converted doc

It must be the full moon today. Really don't know what I did wrong today. Couldn't figure it out.
I installed hylafax several times. Never had a big problem.
Today I installed hylafax on a SUSE (SLE) and firstly it seemed to work well. I could send faxes without any problems.
I am using WHFC on a Windows XP machine with a hylafax postscript printer installed. (HP5MP Postscript)
As said, sending a fax works well.
Whenever I click to 'Use Faxcover', hylafax refuses the sending of the fax. In WHFC (or faxstat -d) I get the error
Could not reopen converted doc.
The email sent to me tells me:
Your facsimile job to 12345678 was not sent because document conversion
to facsimile failed.  The output from the converter program was:\n
Could not reopen converted document to verify format
Check any PostScript documents for non-standard fonts and invalid constructs.
What did I do:
I checked the files in docq. Both the files, cover and message file,  were there and I could open them with gs or gv command.
Both the files had -rw-r------ permission.
Postscript on client must be ok, as I used it on the last installation I had. Must be something wrong on the SUSE hylafax server.
I found an old message from Christian.Weiss saying, he searched for 3 month on that, and he is sure, it is the font path.
Tried to search for something like that. The path in setup.cache seems to be ok.
Really don't know anymore. 
Anybody an idea.
Ralph Steigrad
PS: I would speak German

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